Inserts comments into source code; not displayed in browsers.


Must be the first tag in any page; identifies following code and version of follow code.


Defines a hyperlink.


Defines a hyperlink.


Identifies the inclusion of a JavaScript applet.



Defines an area inside <map>; must nest with <map>.


Defines a self-contained piece of content.



Places content aside from primary content.


Embeds an audio file.


Bold text.


Defines base URL for other URLs in document; must be within <head>


Establishes a default font size for a page.


Isolates text that is formatted differently from text around it.


Allows you to change direction of text.


Makes text one font size larger up to the limit a browser allows.


Groups a quote into a separate block of text.


Defines the body area of a page.


Adds a line break.


Creates a clickable button.


Draws graphics using instructions in code.


Adds a title to a table.


Centers block elements (text, images) on a page.


References a work you cite in text.


Displays computer code as text in default monotype font.


Establishes properties for columns within <colgroup>.